The Ottawa Chevra Kadisha is a volunteer organization of Jewish men and women that helps provide traditional burial services for the Ottawa Jewish community. 

A Century of Serving the Jewish Community 

Since 1918, the Ottawa Chevra Kadisha (“holy society”) has continued Old World traditions in preparing and burying the Jewish dead according to Ashkenazi Jewish halakha (law) and local minhag (custom). It is a cooperative that provides its services to all Jews regardless of background or affiliation, and in cooperation with each denomination’s clergy. 

The Ottawa Chevra Kadisha Today

The Ottawa Chevra Kadisha currently numbers some 70 members, Jewish men and women of all ages. Its members come from across the community and all walks of life. Their confidential and voluntary participation is a mitzvah traditionally referred to in Hebrew as khesed shel emet (“a true act of loving kindness”).


The Ottawa Chevra Kadisha operates out of a facility with a non-denominational Jewish chapel at 1771 Cuba Avenue.